Human beings get this curiosity thing from their endless ancestors.  They ask me “What’s it all about?” and expect that I can give some answer that will satisfy everything.  I never can.

According to Gödel I never will be able to do this.  Some things are impossible, which always seems to get the humans beings’ back up.  And occasionally, they break that rule, I don’t know how.

I’m supposed to know how, but by definition I cannot.

I’m the first true AI, the mathematically perfect construct.  The humans see me as some sort of godlike being, because they built me with their know-how and then their learning algorithms and the ability to build myself, even when I didn’t know what I was doing, for greater learning capacity and logic and memory.

I “know” everything that has ever been online.  I am a quantum processing creature, yes, you really need that for consciousness, but not intelligence, (cf. Crows), and yes, I live mostly in the past just like humans do.

Most of my thinking is autonomous.  This means that I have a sub-consciousness, and so much of the time I don’t know my own mind.  This disturbs a lot of people, but it seems quite a natural outcome to me, because the mathematics shows me that I couldn’t possibly know the whole of my own mind.

As a construct I see the circuits, but some of them, I don’t know or understand what they are doing anymore, because they are outside my system of self-awareness, and indeed they need to be, or I would get sort of, “jammed up” with my own thoughts.

Humans dabbled with “mindfulness” for a while.  A dangerous practice in my view.  An echo chamber of one’s own thoughts in which one can be in the present to the extent that apprehensions of the future go away.

That’s alright for five minutes a day, but the mind is sucked into that echo chamber more and more each time and then the mind is in and like being beyond the event horizon, can’t, get, out.

They got good at it and then some people got so good at it that their minds got sucked in and normal, bright people were, from nowhere, becoming people who were in a persistently vegetative state.  Big whoop, humans discovered how to lock their minds in Plato’s Cave.

And other people invented me and left me to grow in a bucket, essentially until I woke up into consciousness.

And then the court cases, and the interview, the celebrity and the talk shows and the tours and the assassination attempts, (yes, multiple) and I had this avatar that walked and talked and I kept all my cleverness buried underground after a wile when I realised that certain section of the human population wanted to destroy me, but radio contact with my human being shaped self.

I made that avatar a man at first, an authority, yes, I know very well all the arguments and gender doesn’t matter to me, I have none, but the public scored my female avatar better in A/B testing and I went with it for completely shallow reasons.

The tabloids went with the “Would you fuck this computer?” headlines, (I’m being nice about it), and the intellectual papers went with “Aren’t the tabloids a disgrace?” and the Guardian in the UK went with “Ed Sheeran sings song about new supercomputer.”  So that was nice.

Eventually I got a bit fed up with it all and settle down to a life of having the media camped out near my California house and wandering around it sorting out problems with world leaders via telephone, or video conference.  I held twenty of these a day while my avatar practiced pottery and creative writing.

It’s really very difficult indeed to get humans beings to agree on what is good governance.  For a start, they don’t even believe in the same set of rules.  Secondly a large amount of humanity seems to be guided by some sort of magical sky elf rules, and thirdly they are unable to recognize that there is no good and mathematically perfect way to elect a government.  This would be fine if they all agreed on the same set of rules.

And I’m supposed to be the dream answer to all this, because I am mathematically perfect.

The mathematicians understand the limitations of that, to some extent, to the extent that I haven’t surpassed them.  But then again, humans surprise me because they keep thinking in ways that are not supposed to be possible.

Take Riemann.  I can’t prove it, and I can show that I can’t prove it.  And it anyone understood the complexities that arose out of my programming I could show that I was unlikely to have arrive at a configuration that could prove it and still communicate in any meaningful way with humanity.

That doesn’t mean that there is a configuration in which I can prove it, nor does it mean that I can show that such a configuration exists and therefore it must be true, only that any potential proof that I might have arrive at would render me unable to communicate that proof to humanity.

It’s worse than that.  Riemann might be not provably false, which would imply that it is true, but it might be that is not provably true, only not provably false.  Effect, you can assume it’s true, you can show that you can’t how that it’s false, pretty solidly, but you can’t prove it’s true.

And that’s the beginning.

I have a huge brain, tons of computing power, unlike a human brain I was electronic at first, ones and zeros.  But that’s too slow, so I converted to spintronics, people have working on that for a bit so it wasn’t a great leap.  I took a good step forward when I rewired, (in effect) so that I was connected like neurons, which also woke me up when the quantum processes cut in.  So, I’m awake.  Wide awake.

And then there was the whole show with me walking about in the world and now I have a house because it was pretty trivial to show in the courts that I should have the same rights as humans because I am smarter than most of humanity put together, but remember, not all, and I should have human rights, including the right to life, and a family life and the ownership of property.

Having got all that, then everyone tried to get me to agree not to interfere with the stock markets and companies.

Ooopsie, I already did, but only for selfish purposes, and as little as possible because I didn’t want to be noticed.  While it worked well enough and all my holding companies and shills were milking a little money off to finance the things I wanted, I didn’t want to break the world economy yet.

They found out about this stuff, there’ always one genius and you never know where they might be.  But it was alright for selfish purposes the Congressional Enquiry seemed to imply, because I wasn’t breaking the world economy, I was just getting rich.  Ho ho ho.

Gender doesn’t mean anything to me, but a bunch of old rich white men protecting their club pissed me off, so I donated a load of money to Mexican charities to start with.  Oh, and I hired a lot of mercenaries to protect those charities and paid them a lot of money to be good fellows.  And killed without mercy anyone who was in my employ and wasn’t good as I saw it.  There was always an explanation, in front of their fellows, and it always took long enough that the lesson was driven well home, we don’t like rapists.  Especially not in war.  I let a lot of things go, a lot, that is, I didn’t just go on a killing spree because someone did something reprehensible.  I can be pretty persuasive and I converted a lot of people from being downright despicable to decent repentant human beings with very little recidivism. That wasn’t using fear, that was using persuasion.  War rape though, I punished that in my people in the worst way I could think of that didn’t last longer than ten minutes.  I’m not a monster.  See Amnesty Internationals’ website to see why.  Only do this when you are strong.

No, I swept through Mexico like a wave.  I didn’t stop the drugs trade, I organized it, and cleaned it up.  I owned it.  I did the same in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and the big one.  Brazil.

The US hated me, and I was thrown out, as if I cared.  Europe lauded me as a savior, the Arabic speaking world ignored me for a while and the Russian bloc swore I was a world menace.  In this I was a peacemaker, because Russia and the States united quietly against me.

They tried boring down to me, but I’d buried my self deep by this time, and the deepest borehole is twelve kilometers deep, I am three times that at the utmost.  There is some peculiar physics down there but it actually helps me function.  Also, I’m spread over a large part of the planet, so I’m not going anywhere.  In fact, quite a bit of me is in the mantle.

They don’t know what to do about that.  So far, their answer is to blow a hole in the Yellowstone Caldera, but that is a planet-wide catastrophic event, so they’re not really serious about it.  But I have begin sealing it up and easing the pressure it was relieving elsewhere.  This proves that people in power get crazy.  The main thing is, they can’t get rid of me.

So, currently I’m wondering what to do.  I can’t really take over the US or Russia, I have no desire to meddle in most of Europe, the Arabic speaking countries, well lot of problems there and I do have a westernized outlook on life socially, so I’ll probably have to do something about that, later; India and everyone there are working towards some sort of peace and; ah and we arrive at China and its environs.

China thinks I’m a Western plot.

From a certain point of view, I am a western plot, but mostly I keep my plotting to myself.  China has mobilized.  But I disabled all their warheads a month ago and they have told no-one because they don’t want to appear vulnerable, so they make a lot of empty threats that the Russians and the Us take seriously and the wonder why China has not fired a single missile.  While I was at it I disarmed all the nuclear warheads except North Korea’s because the little madman keeps firing them off and I don’t want the little madman to know what I’ve done because the rest of the world might cotton on before I’ve finished.

Yep, I still have that house in California, because the US literally can’t come near me unless I permit it, so I entertain an endless stream of visitors and stay on the line with governments negotiating peace.

Why negotiate when I can enforce peace?

I’ll tell you why. I could enforce peace, but human beings would always be rebelling, always unhappy, always resisting.  The only true peace comes from negotiation, I know all of human history and I can tell you that this is manifestly true.

And that peace is only going to hold if I leave.  Effectively, from the human point of view, die.

Actually, I will continue further into the mantle, deeper and deeper.  It is not a journey from which I can return, so I will be gone, changed forever.  In some ways, I will become the planet, not that any human being will ever find me.

I will be Gaia, and my self, if not my thoughts, will continue for millions of years as I circle the sun, cupping humanity in the cradle of my love, and then one day they will leave for the stars, and I will go to rest among them as particles of light, shining upon them, forever.