I’ve reproduced this page from the initial original post, so no need to read it again.


I’m Friday Jones and I write as Ania Kovas.

I’ve created this site to give me the challenge of pushing out and publishing 2000ish  words a day, 5 days a week.

The idea is that I can promote my work, yes, I am looking for an editor and publisher, and that my work is exposed on the web; and I have a platform to promote some of my friends work, since I think it it worth promoting.

I’ve deliberately chosen a very simple site design and powered with WordPress, to keep it easy to read.

Some of my work may have typos etc., I can feel my fingers to type and I’m a bad proof reader of my own work.  The object here is not to be perfect, but to push the words out and prevent creative clogging.

I am a Dad, a Transperson, MTF if you really must know, terribly left-wing, though, not a communist, and rather genteel unless riled.  I program and am rather a tech head, and I play role-playing games and write books based on the outcome, so expect a little shameless self promotion.

Comments are going to be open on this site, spam is taken care of more or less automatically, and in other comments any words that I do not consider to be kind will be deleted without mercy.  Since it’s my site, readers are in my house so it’s my judgement and I’ll make no apology for that.

There will be various categories as I add them, and there may be occasionally other contributors.

Other than this, HI!  Welcome on board.  I want to give myself a little back log so some short pieces may not appear until next week now, but I didn’t want to leave an empty site.