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Lord Percy

To some extent, when you are my size, the problem in life is to be taken seriously by intellectuals.  Someone who applies themselves repeatedly to a task can become proficient at almost any skill, provided that they are not hopelessly unsuited, and become passing good at it. This I had endeavored to do in many…

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Granny’s Visit

So I have won. The great general and now they crown me Emperor and for what?  A mess of pottage, all the gold in the kingdom and all the malfeasance the kings and barons of the country can get away with. Oh yes, it’s been said before but bears repeating, who rules in my stead? …

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Dog and the Detective

Might be a serial if well received. Dog sniffed about, his cybernetically enhanced nose sending data back to my systems for analysis.  Some monoxides clinging to the ground, and Dog was kind of suggesting they went this way anyhow.   I keyed the mic for the speaker buried in his ear. “Yeah, Dog, I think they…

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