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Human beings get this curiosity thing from their endless ancestors.  They ask me “What’s it all about?” and expect that I can give some answer that will satisfy everything.  I never can. According to Gödel I never will be able to do this.  Some things are impossible, which always seems to get the humans beings’…

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She was taller than most men I knew, and it was clear that she worked out.  She was wearing a tailored suit in grey pin-stripe, but despite the tailoring she still had the aspect of one of those beefy men stuffed into a suit a size too small, except on her it, looked good.  When…

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I hear the sound of their rounds trying to find me, I see their traces of fire, stuck in the mire of their minds, Their searching and seeking, their poking and peeking, Their breath still reeking from the stench of their food and their perfume and thinking.   And here I am, covered in mud…

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