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Not remotely proofread or finished but here to check if it’s remotely readable or funny, at all. The Ogres ride into the township with all the grace and arrogance of the ruling classes, coaches rattling along the cobbled streets, festooned with decoration.  The jarvey, putting up the whip, draws the vehicle to a halt and…

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Preserve Beauty

This is for the Midweek Flash Challenge at and you can follow Miranda Kate on twitter @PurpleQueenNL. Sigh, proof read if I’m getting into print and not before.  (Unless someone wants to become my publisher and give me enough of an advance to live on). There it is, preserved, as if in amber, bubbles forming as the…

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The Ball – 2

This turns out to be a chapter in the next book, despite the fact that I’ve got five books in progress for Mission, (see  This is the creative process in action for me.  I’m also super busy with work things, so updates have become fragmented, though in fact I’m writing stuff every day. In…

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