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Snow.  It is the recurring theme of my life, coming at those times when it’s most critical, providing a pale backdrop and lethal challenge to the pattern, and I battle with it when it is expected and surprising in equal measure. I feel sometimes that it comes in order to mark the critical moments, the…

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Masie and Richard

This is for the Midweek Flash Challenge at and you can follow Miranda Kate on twitter @PurpleQueenNL. If this gets proof red in the next week it will be a miracle. Well well well, the old crown and the book. I knew I’d left them somewhere. Masie will be pleased. This is a find. “Masie, look what…

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Piece of Cake

Kadon the Mage raised his hand up to the approaching army.  Out of respect and fear for Kadon’s enormous reputation, the army, the entire army, apart from a few slow people at the very back, stopped.  There was a clatter as the slow people crashed into the ranks preceding them. Kadon put his hand down,…

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