Month: October 2017


It’s three hours in the morning, five hours after school, then college, the university, then graduate school, right to the thesis, and my doctorate.  How did I keep it up?  I got a secret.  It’s why I can skate like an Olympian, but no-one here knows of me. And that’s the clue, “here.” There is…

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It’s like being on a cruise. That’s what I say when they ask me.  It’s like being on a cruise ship. They imagine luxury beyond the dreams of the ordinary mortal, in service, poor. In fact, just note that concentration of wealth will increase from the 1930’s, it is inevitable, and mildly predictable. From Victorian…

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I don’t know what this is about.  It is dark. _______________________________________ This cell, it is a cell from within and without. My walls are smaller than the walls of the cell, my world smaller than the confinement I suffer. I committed a crime, both in the eyes of man and God, and I have admitted…

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