Month: June 2017


I hear the sound of their rounds trying to find me, I see their traces of fire, stuck in the mire of their minds, Their searching and seeking, their poking and peeking, Their breath still reeking from the stench of their food and their perfume and thinking.   And here I am, covered in mud…

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The Rage

There it is, I see it again. It was on the horizon of my mind, but it comes for me now.  Seething and bellowing, the great minotaur, horns sharp as winter sunlight, breath as dark as soot; it has fire burning in its eyes and strikes great swords upon the ground. I fear it and…

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It was a hard life on the trail and the cowboy looked hardened to it.  As he swung open the half doors marking the transition from the stoop to the bar a few heads turned, noting his single six gun and his size.  Despite the extra height in the doorway the man had to crouch…

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