Month: June 2017


Human beings get this curiosity thing from their endless ancestors.  They ask me “What’s it all about?” and expect that I can give some answer that will satisfy everything.  I never can. According to Gödel I never will be able to do this.  Some things are impossible, which always seems to get the humans beings’…

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She was taller than most men I knew, and it was clear that she worked out.  She was wearing a tailored suit in grey pin-stripe, but despite the tailoring she still had the aspect of one of those beefy men stuffed into a suit a size too small, except on her it, looked good.  When…

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The Ball

I saw her across the dance-floor, petite and perfect.  I held the glance just too long and she looked across at me, the bow lips she was making at some fellow broadening out in a smile.  He was just the sort the ladies fall for, I thought, strong-jawed and with a thin, well kept, mustache,…

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