Month: May 2017


Back in the day the United States used have a word for a group of people meeting to provide a layer of government, it was called Congress, and they owned the word as if there was no other meaning. It means something different now. Since they came. There were only three of them, crammed into…

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The leak was innocuous at first.  Base alarms went off, obviously, and we evacuated to the shuttle.  There were only six of us by this time, we were a few hours short of starting the process, and everyone else had a cleared out to the main craft, orbiting above.  Their geosynchronous position meant they could…

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There he is, a frail old man now, wispy hair clinging to his head, lying there, barely breathing. He wants to live, still.  I see it in him, that throb of life.  It comes and goes, waxing and waning as he directs the last of his strength to the most vital of functions. I am…

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