Month: May 2017


It was all strange. We’d been on Avis, technically Avis IV, for a hundred and twenty years, give or take.  We’d endured dreadful winters, down to arctic temperatures; and baking summers, as if in desert heat.  We’d found out that during Avis’ long solar year large creatures hibernated in the summer, when it was too…

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I still miss her. Her wit and intelligence was never in question, but I found that people asked about her emotional attachment to me. I never had any doubts. We were developing the Drive together.  We’d come from quite different backgrounds, she was constantly surrounded at parties by a lot of Hooray Henries and me…

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Work Day

To see people is this journey, and adventure. It starts with the preparation.  What must I think about?  My handbag and my equipment.  Clothes, clothes, what shall I wear, ah the dark blue, ever reliable.  Not black, no Sir, not black because that’s the default of that group, of those people or those people or…

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